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How to be an EFFECTIVE Boss

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People Are The Boss

People Are The Boss

Those of us in business know that it is immensely challenging to be an effective boss; especially in today’s rapidly changing times. Two reasons. First, today’s world is radically different from the one we are used to; rendering conventional solutions ineffective. Second, an acute shortage of talent; men and women who are competent, courageous, wise and morally upright are fast joining the club of  “protected species.” But, as our very own destiny is in the hands of the kind of people we send to public office, how can we be more effective?

To achieve a civil society that is just and desirable, the three parties involved in this relationship – people, political parties and government – must make a fundamental paradigm shift. Good governance can only be built upon mutual respect, cooperation and partnership. Good governance can only be achieved if each and every one of the partners recognize their own rights and play their part, and play them well.

To be effective, bosses may bear the following in mind:

Back the man or woman you have chosen. There are great trials and tribulations in public office, and your elected representative’s source of power comes from your support. It is in you that he or she draws his/her power. To cope with the changes in the world today, elected officials need a network of resources to do their job effectively. They need all the time and energy to focus and address the many issues that impact on our lives. We must not bother them with cutting ribbons or cleaning up the drains.

“You pay peanuts you get monkeys.” We need to institute a program to ensure public officials are paid well. To do this, we must do our part. Upgrade productivity, grow our companies, pay taxes, step up innovation and value creation in our societies in order to create the resources to attract talent to our public office. Once the private sector has the abilities to take over many functions run by government, we downsize them and only keep the very best to make those complex and difficult decisions for us. We cannot only ask public officials to give, we must also ensure that they are well taken care  – at least well enough for them to be FULL time looking after our affairs.

“Garbage in garbage out” applies equally to government. Take care in selecting the kind of people we send to public office. Don’t complain they are useless. If they are, you are at fault. You appointed them. Scandalous behavior of politicians has undermined the people’s faith and threatens the credibility of public officials. The profession of government is tarnished with such bad tags as “politics is dirty” and “it’s not what you know but who you know”. There is a GREAT and URGENT need to restore the nobility of the public office in order that we attract the crème le crème in society to serve. This is our responsibility. You want leaders. Then reject the politicians. No decent human being would want to keep company with a bunch of crooks, whatmore to manage our country!

Self –Esteem
How can bosses not wear their dignity? Why must we diminish ourselves by exchanging order with our servants? Who should be doing the  “kow-tow”?  People complain furiously in coffee shops, yet not speak out for fear of their servants “losing face.” How ridiculous! Remember, YB is the correct abbreviation for Yang Berkhimat! Democracy is not a spectator national sport where you sit along the sides to watch them perform. As the boss, you have the right to voice your displeasure (in an appropriate and respectful manner of course) at the right time.  Discipline has always been a part of civil society. The occasional  “sack” simply beats back human weakness, and the boss must not hesitate to do so. We can’t leave everything to government, do our homework and due-diligence; hence the non-government groups and endless lobby work.

Specific goals
Let’s face it, government does not have all the answers. Many of them must be solved by our own effort. The government can only facilitate. Those in government must also not pretend that they are Superman. We need to manage by objective – a specific legislative agenda for a term of office. How do we measure the performance of our servants if we don’t set these goals with them? There are many calls for existing legislation to be reviewed; do the bosses themselves know specifically what they want? What will be best for society at this point in time? What to change in the Universities and Colleges Act? How inadequate are the consumer protection laws? How should the Internal Security Act be changed to protect our society from new security threats? What must be included in Anti Monopoly Laws? Goal setting is a joint process, hence the partnership.

People as the Boss must accept that no great society was born out of an accident. Every generation must do their part to make some improvement, and the whole will move forward. First we must think and walk like a boss. Then we act and behave like one. If everyone plays their part and makes the right selection, a great team can be put together. Our effectiveness rests largely with selecting the right team for government. After that, support and discipline will ensure the nation’s ship sails on course.
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March 13, 2009 at 11:53 am

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