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All Malaysians Must Vow to Make the System Safe

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Pahlawan Volunteers felt duty-bound to initiate a campaign with the public. This is a call to make a better Malaysia for all. We unite and shout out loud, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We want to EVICT BAD GOVERNANCE! We want the authorities to STOP TERRORIZING THE NATION!

Dear Fellow Malaysians,

JULY 16th 2009 ONE MALAYSIA fell off the 14th Floor too.

The nation felt severe pain as we follow the tragic news of the death of Teoh Beng Hock, reportedly to have fallen to his death in the building that houses the Selangor headquarters of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s Office in Shah Alam.

We don’t know the deceased nor do we know the family or his colleagues. But we shed many tears as we watched and read the horrible news and learnt of the circumstances that led to the tragic passing of this young life. These tears were shed because we are ashamed of our government; a government that cannot even deliver its basic duty of assuring safety and security to its citizens.

Beng Hock, a young life; barely 30, could have a promising life ahead, now an abrupt stop has been put to that life. This young person must have had a sense of mission. He did not choose the comfort of some other career paths but dedicated himself to the “thankless” and difficult job of public service in Malaysia.

The job itself is challenging enough; daily we watched these young political secretaries go about their chores of supporting and assisting their elected representatives operating on a 7-11 all week schedules for a very modest compensation. Daily they have to navigate the hassle-filled terrain of the government bureaucracy; often times have to put up with bully and abuse by hostile parties in the course of their daily work; not counting the need to fire fight and to put up with endless eruptions of political emergencies especially if they are working for the opposition.

Their tenacity and patience are being tested, challenged and stretched every minute of the day.  Through their work, they serve and strive all for a better Malaysia, for you and me.

However, all of us in Malaysia would not imagine that in a “civilized society” like ours, would think that this job of serving the public comes with such a heavy price — one that may have to be paid for with one’s precious life.

Teoh’s parents in their sorrow expressed regret that they allowed their son to go into public service; a sentiment we can all appreciate because no one would want to expose our children to any risks.  But what happened to Beng Hock is most unnecessary, unfair and unjust!  THERE IS NO REASON WHY THIS SHOULD HAPPEN.

Can we all live up to our “civilized society” label and not let this young man die in vain?

We ask you, all Malaysians:

  • Now the hopes of a pair of aging parents and an expectant fiancée are completely shattered by the strange demise of this young person; do we not owe this family their precious son; for our system could not even give him the basic protection?
  • Can we let Beng Hock die in vain as he was sacrificed while working to move the nation’s democratic system forward? If no more talented young people would want to go into service for the public in the future, how on earth can we sustain a fair political system for our economic, social and cultural lives to continue?
  • If parents were to pull back and not let their off-springs participate in the nation’s governance to ensure a fair system; how can you and I be protected from foul play and injustice?

Time we unite and shout out loud, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
We want the authorities to STOP TERRORIZING THE NATION!

If the system is allowed to continue to rot; all of our well-being will be sacrificed. Your property will have no value, your job will not pay well (if you still have one), the streets are not safe and the schools will be in shambles. As a matter of fact, these are happening already.

If we don’t have people with ideals, who desire to work in the public sector to serve the people; we will not have a system that will deliver good governance. Without good governance, nothing will be possible.

Beng Hock was working for you and me. Through his work, a better society can be developed so we can have a better life in our motherland; with a better system at home where our young girls do not have to serve as maids in some far off land; our young men do not need to “jump the plane” and become fugitive/illegal workers; all the talents we have trained do not have to end up serving and building other nation’s economy.

With a better Malaysia right here,  our children will be safe and can become what they want to be in a civilized land of fair play, where you and I can build and live in wonderful homes, where we enjoy the warmth of family and the friendship of our neighbors.

Pahlawan Volunteers felt duty-bound to initiate a campaign with the public. This is a call to you to make a better Malaysia for all.

Our dear Malaysians, we better have some good answers to Beng Hock and his family; especially now that a new life will come to the world in six months’ time:

  1. Why is the law-enforcement office (MACC) so disrespectful and incapable of protecting a young person who was just called in for questioning to assist the investigation?
  2. What makes up the values of the government of the day? Are they capable of fair play and what do they make of the state of governance. The appearance to all is, we have a government that itself is the problem; one that TERRORIZES us with ISA, MACC, the police and the army.

Our dear Malaysians; you and I were ashamed that the nation was silent when a young pretty Mongolian girl was blown to pieces in our own land. We failed to demonstrate to the international community that we could assure foreigners their safety while on our land.

Today, our dear Malaysian, we fail to protect our very own son, we fail to assure him safety in our very own government-owned premises!

Our dear Malaysians, LET’S TELL THE WORLD IN ONE VOICE — WE VOW TO DEMAND THAT THE GOVERNMENT MAKE THE SYTEM SAFE for our young people, for Beng Hock has paid dearly for this with his life.

DO YOUR PART: DAP has up the following account for the welfare of Beng Hock’s unborn child, the ONLY account recognized by the family of Teoh Beng Hock. Go to the nearest ATM or via online banking, and make the donation to:

Bank Account: Public Bank
Account No.: 3154 127 533

Justice for Beng Hock
Justice for Comrade Beng Hock @ Facebook


Written by PahlawanVolunteers

July 19, 2009 at 8:08 am

Posted in Accountability

13 Responses

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  1. Siapa Teoh Beng Hock?
    Terus terang saya cakap.. saya tak kenal.
    Cuma bila berita yang keluar dalam IGP ini dan kemudian Bernama serta media lain barulah kenal sikit siapa dia ini.

    1. Dia mempunyai seorang tunang yang sedang mengandung anaknya.
    2. Dia adalah PA YB yang sedang di siasat SPRM.
    3. YB dia dari pakatan rakyat.
    4. Dia ditemui mati di Pejabat SPRM.

    Seolah olah dicampak dari tingkap.

    1. Benarkah pihak SPRM campak dia atau

    2. Dia korbankan dirinya untuk tujuan partinya?

    Fikirkan dulu….

    Jika jawapannya 1. Pegawai SPRM memang bodoh.
    Jika jawapannya 2. Teoh Beng Hock memang cerdik. Dengan pengorbanannya ini dia mampu menimbulkan keraguan rakyat kepada kerajaan sekarang.


    Sun Tzi

    July 19, 2009 at 3:47 pm

  2. Suntzi,
    We welcome your posting, but we like decent humans to visit our site.
    Let’s be respectful. A young life is lost. Is the cause so big as it warrant one’s life? Let’s show some human decency.

    Pahlawan Wai Fong

    July 19, 2009 at 11:12 pm

  3. Another blemish (lost count how many) for BN!


    July 20, 2009 at 6:01 pm

  4. I agree with Wai Fong. Let’s keep our conclusions to ourselves until the investigations come up with some sort of answer. Only then should we formulate our response. Peace, and may his soul rest.


    July 20, 2009 at 6:02 pm

  5. True none of us really know this man or his family. We only know what the media tells us about him and the news they spin on the circumstances of his tragic death… yes tragic and very sad.

    There’s many speculations and these speculations are based on mainly the person’s political stand (whether they are for or against the current government). It’s cruel but it is hard to avoid making assumptions on the this tragedy. It is unfortunately, human nature. Even when you say you will respect the dead and not say anything your mind is ticking and thinking about it. Trying to look for clues and think of motives behind his death. Is that being disrespectful to this person and his family? I would say it is disrespectful to certain people if they do not like what you have to say or think you should not have voiced your opinion or your findings.
    I say, yes let there be an investigation but please make sure you have all the facts right before you make any comments on the matter.


    July 23, 2009 at 8:15 am

  6. Am sick and tired of people coming up with all kind of conclusions before we know anything for sure.

    Some making this tragedy a laughing stock and some using it to claim political mileage.

    All am saying…A LIFE is lost and he is not coming back to us.

    Do not forget all the other Custodial Deaths in Malaysia as well which run into thousands. Lets not look at Teoh’s case as an isolated case.

    Am a bit taken aback, when they are now launching all kind of fund etc. Is that really necessary? if thats the case, we should have setup fundraising campaign for all the person who had died while in police/MACC etc custody case by case.

    So…guys…stop the racialism in any form and lets look at an holistic approach and setup a Fund Raising Campaign for all the fallen ones. And distribute the fund collected evenly.

    Looks like it will take a long time before I could see a Undivided Malaysia. Hope I will still be around to see it.


    July 23, 2009 at 9:18 am

  7. I think the only way to save Malaysia from going to the dog is to throw the BN goverment and lets have a new beginning. We can shout and scream of injustice and discriminition but still keeps this racist goverment, we cones to nothing change.

    Fletcher Soo

    July 23, 2009 at 1:28 pm

  8. We deserve this BN govt cos we voted them in. lets do the rational thing by voting them out the next GE. We are the boss.


    July 24, 2009 at 10:02 am

  9. It is tragic that young man like Mr Teoh’s like snuffed out just like that. We must be careful in commenting that BN is at fault at this and that. We dont know what actually happen and by second guessing is dangerous cause it will have smoke screen effect and actual criminals might slips thru. Lets all demand investigators from oversea instead of local authorities. Lets ask Interpol step in to take the case away from local authorities. We will have peaceful mind if the actual guilty persons are arrested.

    batu gaint

    July 24, 2009 at 1:41 pm

  10. Written by razaleighhamzah
    July 22, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    Mr Teoh Beng Hock’s death marks a watershed in the attitude of the public towards their government. The government has plumbed a new low in loss of credibility. Many people have come up to tell me in anger or despair that they feel their country has gone off the rails. People who previously considered themselves apolitical have been roused into active engagement.

    There have been too many deaths under custody. But this death is particularly disturbing because Mr Teoh died after interrogation by a specially commissioned watchdog agency, inaugurated with fanfare last year by the outgoing administration. The very agency set up to combat the abuse of power has become in the public eye a symbol of the abuse of power.

    Mr Teoh was a mere witness. He was questioned about the possible misuse of funds by his employer, a state assemblyman, to buy flags for the last Merdeka celebrations. The sum in question was RM2,400. He was questioned for eight hours through the night. He was found dead the following day outside the MACC’s headquarters.

    Mr Teoh, 30, would have registered his marriage last weekend. His fiancée is two-months pregnant.

    If the Perak debacle reminded us of the importance of the Constitution, the death under suspicious circumstances of Mr Teoh Beng Hock has brought home in a heart-wrenching way how much we need our public institutions to be independent and law-abiding. A shocked public is demanding answers, and rightly so.

    Questions about how Mr Teoh died cannot be shut down with the usual warning that it is “liable to confuse the public” because the public is already confused. We are confused about how an idealistic young man with everything to live for can enter the headquarters of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission as a witness one day and be found dead outside the next.

    Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be swept aside with the paternalistic instruction to “leave it to the authorities to investigate,” because the death of Mr Teoh appears to be just the result of “leaving it to the authorities investigate.” It is precisely the independence of the investigating authorities that people are questioning.

    Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be suppressed with the warning “not to speculate” when the investigating authorities were apparently able to prognosticate, ahead of their own investigations, that foul play was not involved, and some leaders appear to have special knowledge that Mr Teoh jumped to his death of his own accord.

    Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be evaded with the low tactic of racializing the issue because the death of Mr Teoh touches us all as citizens, brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers. None of us wants to live under a government apparatus that cannot be trusted to be independent and to tell the truth.

    Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be suppressed with authoritarian prohibitions because they are about the integrity and independence of institutions that belong to the people. Those ministers who talk down to the people may have forgotten who put them into government and pays their wages, and whose questions they were put there to ask. And to answer.

    To ask such questions is not to “politicize” the issue but to exercise our ownership of an issue that touches each and every one of us as citizens: our basic institutions are rotted out, and we are headed down the path of a failed state.

    It is our right and indeed our duty as citizens to keep asking questions when someone dies under circumstances that put the entire government under a shadow. As we ask these questions let us accept our joint responsibility to push uncompromisingly for an overhaul of the key institutions that have rotted through under exactly the kind of authoritarianism that would prohibit discussion of the circumstances of the death of Mr Teoh Beng Hock.


    July 24, 2009 at 7:15 pm

  11. The silent citizens who were “fence sitters” are slowly but surely awakened and are joining the opposition!!!


    August 7, 2009 at 10:06 am

  12. There is no avenue for complacency now.Exercise your
    Rights as a Malaysian Citizen under the Sun.
    This is all about DEMOCRACY, HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES and
    the Rule of Law.
    Let have Justice for MR TEOH BENG HOCK.


    August 25, 2009 at 5:46 pm

  13. it is about democracy? please believe…there is no democracy in Islam…! look at Iran, if you do not believe as they want you are hung. But even there, the Neda, freedom for citizens marchers, where she was shot in the heart by a iranian government sharp shooter in the street…many have risen up to say ‘I am Neda’ we want freedom as citizens!

    school boards are being told they can not teach about Messiah Jesus in Malaysia…where is the human rights?

    It is clear…Isalm has no problem changing it’s words. They force others to do what they intend not what they say…what they force and want.

    In countries like Iran where Isalm has control, those that Believe Jesus, are put in prison and hung.

    As long as those that live around Islam ’submit’ to it, then Islam will take more and more control.

    Even in Islam, if one speaks against the extreme Muslim they are killed too.

    interesting Allah may be used by both.

    Messiah Jesus on knowing Allah/God says in Revelation 1:1 chapter 1 verse 1 and 3:19&20; the Words of Messiah Jesus given from heaven.”

    “I love you, and ask you to repent from your sins, quickly. Behold I am at your heart’s door knocking to come in, if you ask me in, i will begin fellowship/friendship/sup with you and you with me.”

    I prayed, “Thank you Messiah, help me and I am sorry for my sins, even one lie, come into my heart and be my friend, amen.”
    At that point I knew new life and amazing grace.

    Isaiah 53rd chapter predicted that the Messiah would die with the wicked as a lamb for our sins and be rejected. and that he would be burried with the rich, and see his believers.

    One’s Allah says to kill those that come to believe what Messiah Jesus teaches; Mercy killing for Allah.

    why some believes Messiah Jesus,, who states “I and my father are one” If you have seen me you have seen the father.” Gospel of John
    “If any man adds to my words, they shall have plagues put upon them.”
    the closing of the Bible; Revelation 22 last chapter verses 13-16


    March 13, 2010 at 8:03 pm
    In this Islam holds to an idea that Jesus is simply one more prophet in the line of God’s prophets (Yet who is the one and only Messiah, who is coming back to reign? the most important one!)
    Islam rejects the promises of the book according to what the ‘angel’ or deamon/fallen angel told illiterate Mohamad…not to hold to an idea that Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament.
    Whom will we believe?..the one who at over 40 years old said the angel told him this and also to marry a 6 year old little child Aisha to make him the greatest pedo leader (some say it was ok in that day; while Muslim girls sold to old men are trying at 8 years old to get divorces in the Islamic courts today. This is the same angel, who also said go and kill non believers for Allah?
    When Messiah Jesus to be as Adam and Eve, one man for one woman (not little child yuk hix hix)
    Messiah said to love others as you love yourself, and to share the good news/gospel to help others change.

    the predictions of the Jewish Scriptures … Who then will be the Messiah to be made very high yet to be rejected to die as a lamb for our sins. to die with the wicked and be burried with the rich. Isaiah 52 last paragraph prediction and chapter 53.

    The Muslim missionary literature interprets references to the coming of the Holy Spirit (Parakletos) to Mohamad, yet Mohamad does not claim to be the Messiah or the Holy Spirit.
    Messiah Jesus says he will send the Holy Spirit who will be in us, in John’s Gospel chapters 14 & 16, as referring to another human comforter, Muhammad, rather than to the coming of the Holy Spirit. This argument was part of what apparently is important to Islamic missionary need – to prove that in fact the New Testament predicted the coming of Muhammad. It also denies Acts 2 event of Pentecost or the role for the Holy Spirit in the life of God’s people.
    The literature claimed that no one in all of history could be the promised Comforter of John 14:16 except for Muhammad.
    Easy to see how those that believed him about marrying a 6 year old little child Aisha would believe Mohamad’s angel..that he is the holy spirit, that enters the believers in Messiah Jesus.

    I am kicked out of Judaism, for believing that Jesus is the Messiah!
    Who will you believe…?


    March 13, 2010 at 8:42 pm
    interesting to compare the promises of yes we will teach equal time to each
    ..then no (we lied), we will not allow teachings of Messiah Jesus.

    Mohamad said to learn the teachings of Jesus who is the only Messiah and coming back to rule over the earth.
    Whose mother Mary is the most blessed of all women.

    Yet, he says Jesus was just a prophet, and that he Mohamad was greater than Jesus and is the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to send and came to fill the believers in Messiah Jesus; John chapters 14 and 16 and acts chapters 1 and 2.
    Mohamad was…forgetting that he had said that Jesus is the Messiah. and Mary, not his own mother, was the most blessed of all women.
    which means as she cried for her son on the cross, and cried as she went to his tomb, if Islam is right and Jesus did not as predicted die as a lamb for our sins *(Isaiah 53) that…Mary had to be insane to cry over the wrong person thinking it was Jesus, yet they believe she is the most blessed of all women???

    Islam says it is ok to marry a little girl child…
    Islam says it is ok to kill infadels
    Islam says if you write and say anything against Islam you are to be killed

    Jesus says; to marry one man to one woman all the way back to Adam and Eve.
    to love your enemy and give them water to drink
    Gospel of John
    Whom will we chose to expect the truth from
    Islam or Messiah Jesus?

    We will tell the truth, and treat you fairly? Who will you believe???


    March 13, 2010 at 8:56 pm
    this is a great let down, but look up…truth can in other places and will still be told..but it may cost us our lives… see
    in 66 languages and teaches Messiah Jesus and comic easy to read, and about Islam too.

    I am born Jewish, and came to believe as the Catholic Charismatics prayer taught me to let him into my heart and not just my head….

    they and Islam says that Jesus is the Messiah.


    March 13, 2010 at 9:09 pm
    Islam does not fear fairytales..they do not hang people for teaching about Mickey Mouse…they fear the truth.
    read II Corinthians chapters 7&8
    I have many Malaysian friends some are Muslim, some are other beliefs, some are Muslims that have come to know the Messiah Jesus.

    In your country, if you teach the truth you go to prison, where you can teach about Messiah Jesus.

    in other countries like Iran, you are arrested for just being a believer in Messiah, and many are hung for it.

    Rejoice to suffer for Messiah, it is the last days, and we have the greatest opportunity today.

    In my country a Jewish man put a 38 pistol/gun to my face and said, “If you say one more word about Jesus being the Messiah, I will blow your head off.”

    I told him, “Unless Messiah Jesus let’s you, you cant even pull the trigger.”

    he put the gun down, and put it in his car and came back to talk to me. hehe

    live for what you believe,
    make underground teaching, and fear not, “Fear not for I/Messiah Jesus, have over come the world. In this world you will have tribulation, but Fear not.”


    March 13, 2010 at 9:35 pm

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