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Ayah! Ayah!

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A man came home from work and his children ran to him and called out ‘Ayah! Ayah!’ His neighbor got very upset and said to him, “Can you please tell your children not to call you ‘Ayah’?” The man asked, “Why?” The neighbor retorted, “Because my children call me ’Ayah’ too. They might get confused and mistaken you to be their father.”

Here’s the perfect example of “man-made” laws…
Non-Muslim can use ‘Allah’ in three states, FTs

Praying Together

Praying together, embracing each other's cultural and religious diversity.

THE POINT OF THE MATTER IS all the furor over the use of “Allah” is consuming the nation; too much energy wasted generating nothing but only ill-will and hatred. The Malaysian people and leaders should exercise wisdom; the wisdom to distinguish what are worthy issues and what are not.

Yes, it may be true that in other countries and societies; the world “Allah” can be used by non-Muslim communities; and that the right to use the word is a basic human right. If there are groups in the country who decided that it is so important that the word should be used according to their rules, so be it in their groups and leave others to worship their God in their own way.

Rightly as some members pointed out in the Facebook group, this is not an issue of right and wrong; or your right versus my right. It is about devoting time to working on real issues that help the nation unite and act as one.

Our personal concern is our energy is consumed daily by these issues which does not help us in improving our economy, create jobs or help us cope with the challenges of the modern world. For example, persistent bad weather in the northern hemisphere and explosive outburst of weather phenomenon are already affecting food production; prices on food have and will continue to escalate if these adverse conditions do not improve.

What about our economy? Who is paying attention to improve our operating condition so we can keep talents home? Let’s no tango to unproductive music, let’s put our energy to where it should belong.

We also call on the media to lend a hand in this respect as well.

With love from Pahlawan Volunteers.

Update 1 Feb 2010:
Getting down to the real business of the day by Hafidz Baharom
The ‘Allah’ issue: The Problem with Islamic Education and Political Interests in Malaysia by Wan Imran Wan Chik

►► 101 East – Malaysia: Whose God? | Thu, 14 Jan 10:
Panel: Marina Mahathir (Social Activist), Khalid Samad (PAS MP) and Yusri Mohamad (ABIM)

► Inside Story – Religious violence in Malaysia | Tue,12 Jan 10:


All are welcomed to join this FB group:
We support the use of the name Allah by all Malaysians

FB GROUP in the News:
Church attacks: Voices from Malaysia
More here.

On respect, thinking and dialogue by Professor Tariq Ramadan; and
Finding the middle path by Datuk Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi
Religion in a Multi-Religious Society by the late Ven. Dr. K. Sri. Dhammananda


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January 18, 2010 at 7:27 pm

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  1. Ayah Ayah…let us get to the root of the matter…the demand that others do what they are told…..

    It is clear…Isalm has no problem changing it’s words. They force others to do what they intend not what they say…what they force and want.

    In countries like Iran where Isalm has control, those that Believe Jesus, are put in prison and hung.

    As long as those that live around Islam ’submit’ to it, then Islam will take more and more control.

    Even in Islam, if one speaks against the extreme Muslim they are killed too.

    interesting Allah may be used by both.

    Messiah Jesus on knowing Allah/God says in Revelation 1:1 chapter 1 verse 1 and 3:19&20; the Words of Messiah Jesus given from heaven.”

    “I love you, and ask you to repent from your sins, quickly. Behold I am at your heart’s door knocking to come in, if you ask me in, i will begin fellowship/friendship/sup with you and you with me.”

    I prayed, “Thank you Messiah, help me and I am sorry for my sins, even one lie, come into my heart and be my friend, amen.”
    At that point I knew new life and amazing grace.

    Isaiah 53rd chapter predicted that the Messiah would die with the wicked as a lamb for our sins and be rejected. and that he would be burried with the rich, and see his believers.

    One’s Allah says to kill those that come to believe what Messiah Jesus teaches; Mercy killing for Allah.

    why some believes Messiah Jesus,, who states “I and my father are one” If you have seen me you have seen the father.” Gospel of John
    “If any man adds to my words, they shall have plagues put upon them.”
    the closing of the Bible; Revelation 22 last chapter verses 13-16


    March 13, 2010 at 8:03 pm
    In this Islam holds to an idea that Jesus is simply one more prophet in the line of God’s prophets (Yet who is the one and only Messiah, who is coming back to reign? the most important one!)
    Islam rejects the promises of the book according to what the ‘angel’ or deamon/fallen angel told illiterate Mohamad…not to hold to an idea that Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament.
    Whom will we believe?..the one who at over 40 years old said the angel told him this and also to marry a 6 year old little child Aisha to make him the greatest pedo leader (some say it was ok in that day; while Muslim girls sold to old men are trying at 8 years old to get divorces in the Islamic courts today. This is the same angel, who also said go and kill non believers for Allah?
    When Messiah Jesus to be as Adam and Eve, one man for one woman (not little child yuk hix hix)
    Messiah said to love others as you love yourself, and to share the good news/gospel to help others change.

    the predictions of the Jewish Scriptures … Who then will be the Messiah to be made very high yet to be rejected to die as a lamb for our sins. to die with the wicked and be burried with the rich. Isaiah 52 last paragraph prediction and chapter 53.

    The Muslim missionary literature interprets references to the coming of the Holy Spirit (Parakletos) to Mohamad, yet Mohamad does not claim to be the Messiah or the Holy Spirit.
    Messiah Jesus says he will send the Holy Spirit who will be in us, in John’s Gospel chapters 14 & 16, as referring to another human comforter, Muhammad, rather than to the coming of the Holy Spirit. This argument was part of what apparently is important to Islamic missionary need – to prove that in fact the New Testament predicted the coming of Muhammad. It also denies Acts 2 event of Pentecost or the role for the Holy Spirit in the life of God’s people.
    The literature claimed that no one in all of history could be the promised Comforter of John 14:16 except for Muhammad.
    Easy to see how those that believed him about marrying a 6 year old little child Aisha would believe Mohamad’s angel..that he is the holy spirit, that enters the believers in Messiah Jesus.

    I am kicked out of Judaism, for believing that Jesus is the Messiah!
    Who will you believe…?


    March 13, 2010 at 8:42 pm
    interesting to compare the promises of yes we will teach equal time to each
    ..then no (we lied), we will not allow teachings of Messiah Jesus.

    Mohamad said to learn the teachings of Jesus who is the only Messiah and coming back to rule over the earth.
    Whose mother Mary is the most blessed of all women.

    Yet, he says Jesus was just a prophet, and that he Mohamad was greater than Jesus and is the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised to send and came to fill the believers in Messiah Jesus; John chapters 14 and 16 and acts chapters 1 and 2.
    Mohamad was…forgetting that he had said that Jesus is the Messiah. and Mary, not his own mother, was the most blessed of all women.
    which means as she cried for her son on the cross, and cried as she went to his tomb, if Islam is right and Jesus did not as predicted die as a lamb for our sins *(Isaiah 53) that…Mary had to be insane to cry over the wrong person thinking it was Jesus, yet they believe she is the most blessed of all women???

    Islam says it is ok to marry a little girl child…
    Islam says it is ok to kill infadels
    Islam says if you write and say anything against Islam you are to be killed

    Jesus says; to marry one man to one woman all the way back to Adam and Eve.
    to love your enemy and give them water to drink
    Gospel of John
    Whom will we chose to expect the truth from
    Islam or Messiah Jesus?

    We will tell the truth, and treat you fairly? Who will you believe???


    March 13, 2010 at 8:56 pm
    this is a great let down, but look up…truth can in other places and will still be told..but it may cost us our lives… see
    in 66 languages and teaches Messiah Jesus and comic easy to read, and about Islam too.

    I am born Jewish, and came to believe as the Catholic Charismatics prayer taught me to let him into my heart and not just my head….

    they and Islam says that Jesus is the Messiah.


    March 13, 2010 at 9:09 pm
    Islam does not fear fairytales..they do not hang people for teaching about Mickey Mouse…they fear the truth.
    read II Corinthians chapters 7&8
    I have many Malaysian friends some are Muslim, some are other beliefs, some are Muslims that have come to know the Messiah Jesus.

    In your country, if you teach the truth you go to prison, where you can teach about Messiah Jesus.

    in other countries like Iran, you are arrested for just being a believer in Messiah, and many are hung for it.

    Rejoice to suffer for Messiah, it is the last days, and we have the greatest opportunity today.

    In my country a Jewish man put a 38 pistol/gun to my face and said, “If you say one more word about Jesus being the Messiah, I will blow your head off.”

    I told him, “Unless Messiah Jesus let’s you, you cant even pull the trigger.”

    he put the gun down, and put it in his car and came back to talk to me. hehe

    live for what you believe,
    make underground teaching, and fear not, “Fear not for I/Messiah Jesus, have over come the world. In this world you will have tribulation, but Fear not.”


    March 13, 2010 at 9:37 pm

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