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BERSIH 2.0 Launched

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“If no one listens to us, we know where to go and make noise!” Ambiga Sreenevasan

To mark the third anniversary of a mega rally demanding electoral reforms, the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections has reincarnated itself as “Bersih 2.0”.

Bersih (or ‘clean’ in English) was responsible for organising a rally on Nov 10, 2007 which saw tens of thousands yellow-clad protestors flooding Kuala Lumpur to accompany the movement’s leaders in submitting a petition for electoral reforms to the King.

This time round, Bersih 2.0 will headed entirely by civil society instead of politicians, but similarly warns that street protests are on the cards if diplomacy with the Election Commission collapses.

“We believe in dialogue but if diplomacy fails to bring reasonable change and no one is listening, I can assure you, we know what to do.

“We know where to go and make noise. We know how to do it loudly,” warned former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan who now helms Bersih 2.0, during the its launch last night.

11 Demands Listed

During her speech, Ambiga listed down Bersih 2.0’s 11 demands for electoral reforms, two of which are new:

1. Complete revision of the electoral roll.
2. Use of indelible ink in elections.
3. Reform of postal voting.
4. Free and fair media access for all contesting parties.
5. Minimum campaign period of 21 days.
6. Fair and professional constituency redelineation.
7. Automatic registration of all eligible voters.
8. Reduction of the voting age from 21 to 18 years old.
9. Reform in electoral financing rules to ensure transparency.
10. Administrative neutrality of all levels of governments.
11. Affirming the political right of all students of 18 years and above.

This is the first time that the movement is demanding better scrutiny of elections financing and a reduction in the voting age.

Ambiga pointed out that Malaysia is behind other countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Timor Leste where the voting age is 18 and Indonesia has gone as low as 17.

Read more here.

WATCH VIDEOS: Launch of Bersih 2.0 Unite and Advance Electoral Reform held on 10 Nov 2010 at MBPJ Civic Centre, PJ, Malaysia.

Part 1: Welcome by Emcee Fahmi Fadzil and Bah Tony introduces the Jahai community from Grik, Perak who performed a community dance performance of celebration.

Part 2: Stand Up Comedy by Hisham Rais (aka Tukar Tiub)

Part 3: Speeches by Malaysians on their hopes and aspirations for electoral reform:
i. Dato’ Dr Ronald McCoy – Past President of the Malaysian Medical Association
ii. Mr Lim Chee Wee – Vice President of the Malaysian Bar
iii. Sdr Hilman Idham – UKM student who was arrested for allegedly campaigning during the Hulu Selangor by-election in 2010
iv. Aziman b Mohd Yunus – 18-year-old student

Part 4: Continuation: Speeches by Malaysians on their hopes and aspirations for electoral reform:
v. Datuk Rasammah Bhupalan – Past President of the National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO)

Part 5: Speech by Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, MP for Kuala Selangor and representative of Bersih steering committee

Part 6: Continuation: Speech by Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, MP for Kuala Selangor and representative of Bersih steering committee, gives a speech.

Part 7: Speech by Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan, chairperson of Bersih 2.0 and former Bar Council president

Part 8: Continuation: Speech by Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan, Chairperson of Bersih 2.0 and Former Bar Council President

Part 9: Performance by Tugu Drum Circle, led by Paul Lau

Part 10: Continuation: Performance by Tugu Drum Circle and friends of Bersih 2.0

(Sorry, last bit missing, ran out of memory card!)

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Every Wednesday, No Mega Tower Day

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For 24 hours every Wednesday till the next General Election, change your Facebook profile picture to one of the placards hosted at the Mega Demonstration Placards photo album.

By Pat Lu, Co-founder, Pahlawan Volunteers

The writing is on the wall. Tomorrow's outcome is determined by today's actions. Can you bear to watch your children suffer (nephews, nieces, godchildren included) because you didn't do something about it today? JOIN ME at - Post this message at your FB wall.

There are now 220,000 supporters at this historical FIRST Online Mega Demonstration on Facebook page 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower. Lets make the ONE MILLION supporters goal a reality.

The next General Election is hinted to be round the corner and since the government of the day Barisan Nasional (BN) is known to give out “goodies” during election campaigns; lets do them a favour…

No need for BN to spend money to secure votes. Listen to the people. Don’t build the 100-storey mega tower yet. Be it PNB’s or our tax payers money, we’d like to see the money put to better use for now. Read When to Build a Mega Tower?

To ensure BN gets the message loud and clear, lets make every Wednesday No Mega Tower Day till GE-13. BN either calls off the building of Warisan Merdeka or voters will demonstrate Who is the Boss at the polls.

Here’s what you do:

  1. JOIN the 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower Page at Facebook.
  2. For 24 hours every Wednesday till the next General Election, ADOPT any of the placards as your profile picture at Mega Demonstration Placards photo album.
    1. Download and upload as your profile picture.
    2. Add this caption to your placard: JOIN ME! Be a part of this historical FIRST Mega Demonstration Online! – 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower @
    3. Then TAG your friends to your placard.
    4. As you can only tag 50 friends to a photo, simply download and upload other placards to your wall and tag more friends.
    5. Encourage and remind others to do the same at

More details on how to drive this campaign, view the Notes tab at the FB page:

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