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Send Ah Kong (to Johor Bahru)

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A LIGHT MOMENT… Singapore Health Minister says there’s a cheaper place to send your old folks or to spend your last days. Sing to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”… HILARIOUS! 😀

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May 28, 2009 at 2:56 am

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Press Freedom – Fact, Fiction or Irony?

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World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day - 3 May

This is the 16th year that the United Nations has commemorated World Press Freedom Day on May 3rd. In a statement marking the day, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that a free press played an important roll in solving the world’s problems and gave a voice to minorities and also called on all governments to ensure that the rights of journalists are respected.

In his message for World Press Freedom Day 2009, the Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, stressed: “We must strengthen our efforts to build a media that is critical of inherited assumptions yet tolerant of alternative perspectives; a media that brings competing narratives into a shared story of interdependence; a media that responds to diversity through dialogue.”

Can you imagine that this important news has not been featured in The Star or The New Straits Times? Can you imagine that we have newspapers that do not place any importance about an event that celebrates PRESS FREEDOM? Read full story here by Masterwordsmith.

The media is in fact free. It is a perception that it is not. Who can really stop or censor the flow of information on the internet or anywhere else? In truth, we censor ourselves and build our own walls based on fear and blindly subject ourselves to abide by rules set by others we perceive as “authorities”.

Nobody can take that “freedom of speech” away from another unless one allows it and causes it to happen. No one can limit you unless you choose and allow it to happen. The choice and decision is solely yours. The outcome or repercussions of your decision is also yours, for good or bad; positive and constructive or, negative and destructive impacts on others.

As the saying goes, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” If all journalists and wannabes take responsibility and be accountable to themselves and the nation first before all else, i.e. to follow their heart to do the right thing without fear and favour, manipulative and conniving politicians and authorities don’t have a chance to hoodwink or to exploit the people. They would have to think twice before carrying out their plans for fear of being exposed.

All changes starts with oneself, from within first. Collectively, journalists (and bloggers) can then be the check and balance, the true voice of the people (not politicians with selfish agendas) and expedite the change  we wish to see in this country.

Everyone is as much to be blamed for the state of our country is in today. By self-censorship, remaining silent on the sideline or obeying orders that are wrong to begin with, we condone to their acts and contribute to the rot.

Genuine journalists and bloggers, carry on! The media is in fact free. Without reservation, cheer those who do the right thing to encourage them on and scathingly put down those who tear our nation apart.

Have a blessed World Press Freedom Day!

Pat Lu
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May 3, 2009 at 11:06 pm

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